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Another baby!! Isn’t it wonderful! It doesn’t matter if this is baby number two or baby number six! You love them all the same! I have a special place in my heart for large families. I myself have three daughters but I don’t see that as too challenging and here’s why. My mama was crazy enough to have nine babies! (imagine our holiday get together with the 17 grandbabies and counting!!!) Read more on my FAQ's

I love the big family atmosphere. I love sibling connection. And yes, we can capture it for a moment in a newborn session.

Mom you want an updated portrait of all your babies to hang proudly on your wall! Allow me to ease your mind and direct you through my newborn family/sibling session.

We always start with you, mom, and center it around you. You are main player and no one else would be there if it weren’t for you. You have worked hard for years for your family and you deserve this moment.

What to wear

Personally, I love the white vintage style on mom, but it doesn’t have to be anything so fancy. Classic black always works, as well as soft neutral colors. Avoid bright colors and dizzy patterns. Dad and kids only needs to compliment mom in their wardrobe. If you have questions on the color palette please let me know, I’d be happy to help!


Newborn’s attire

There is no reason for you to stress about baby’s wardrobe at all. I have numerous outfits, headbands, bonnets to choose from. And if you would like a few birthday suit poses, I can provide that look as well. Prior to your session, I will either have a phone or in -person consultation with you so I can plan out your session to your colors of preference.

My session flow

Again, revolving around mom, we will start with baby and you for portraits. You are beautiful. You created these beautiful babies. I pose mamas to flatter their shape and then shoot from angels that will only add to the composition. The emotional connection that you will bring from just loving on your baby will draw you into that moment each time you look at it!

I will then add dad and the kid’s’ to the composition, all centered around you. This is your family. You created this! You should be so proud!

After the family portrait is complete, we will then get the new baby with the older sibling’s’ and with just dad. And your family portraits are complete! We will allow dad and the kids go while you, baby and I continue with just baby, capturing all these special moments.

There’s plenty to see and do in Oswego for dad and kid’s’ if you are worried about that. We have several of beautiful parks to visit and if the weather isn’t nice, just across the street from the studio is the Oswego Children’s Museum. For a small fee, they can go in and play and bond in a safe place.

Newborn Portraits

Now that it is just us three. Here you can relax and enjoy all the creative art I will make centered around your baby. This may take some time, depending how well baby sleeps. All poses are perfectly safe for baby and conducted in a safe and gentle manner.

After the session

Ordering Session

Wasn’t it amazing!!? When I am finished with baby, I will give you all a little break to go and stretch your legs, grab a bite to eat, and think about how adorable those portraits of your baby will be on your wall! While you are on break, I will prepare a gallery loaded with beautiful images of your baby. You and dad will then be able to review the images and select wall art, lay flat albums, image boxes, prints and more. There’s no obligation to buy at all and no minimum order you must meet. The images you selected will be the ones I edit. Your images will match my editing style with the soft tones and creamy baby skin. Once orders are placed you can expect your art within 2-3 weeks.

 All orders placed and paid on the same day will receive a 20% off total purchase.


Why you should only hire a trained newborn photographer

Your baby is precious. You love your baby more than anything or anyone in this world. You wouldn’t allow a stranger to come up and touch your baby without your consent. If a ‘newborn’ photographer isn’t trained it is like that awkward stranger trying to touch you baby! Don’t let them. There is so much to a baby’s physiology that is different from a grown adult. A trained newborn photographer will understand this and keep this in mind while posing your baby. A trained photographer has had hands on training with a mentor who trains newborn photographers as part of their job with years of experience behind them. A trained newborn photographer is always learning, training, and finding ways to keep your baby safe in their session.

Read more on Investing in your newborn's session.

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