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May 31, 2019

Another sweet baby girl was in the studio at just 6-days new! And this beauty had a head full of hair that would make any CNY newborn photographer jealous! And myself too! When my daughters were born they all had peach fuzz for the first 6 months!


As a CNY Newborn Photographer, I photographed Miss Brooklyn in my home-studio during the time frame that I recommend to my clients for best practice. Newborns are still squishy, flexible and don’t mind being posed in all the cute cuddly poses with two weeks of birth. They liked to be wrapped up tight and secure because it reminds them of how not long ago, they were warm and secure in the womb. The older a newborn gets, the chances of them posing all tight and squishy reduces.



Maybe you are asking???


"So, if I am not 100% sure what day my baby will arrive, how do I know when to book my newborn photography session?"


I love to answer this question. Most expecting moms are pregnant for 9 months.  Usually they are aware of this pregnancy within the first few weeks. From that point on, it is a good time to call your newborn photographer, find out what she has to offer, make sure she is trained (number ONE thing to ask your CNY newborn photographer!), book your session and start saving towards the prints and products you are going to want to hang on your wall, and give to grandparents. When your baby arrives, as a CNY Newborn photographer, I ask that you give me a call, text or email and let me know. From there we will schedule your CNY Newborn photography session in studio. It’s that easy!


CNY Newborn photography is an investment that will last for generations. You will always remember how tiny and precious your baby was at the beginning. You will be able to pass down the portraits to your child and your grandchildren and so on. Just think! Could you imagine knowing what your grandmother or grandfather looked like at just a few days old? It can happen if you invest in CNY newborn photography.


Are you ready to invest in your newborn? Give me a call so we can chat about your vision and schedule your newborn baby on my calendar (315) 297-1816.


You can view more of my CNY Newborn Photography here!

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