Sterling 10-Month Session | CNY Baby Photography

May 23, 2019

Can you feel the love?? It was certainly running over in this CNY baby photography session! Sterling came to see me during his 10-month milestone session. And just look at all his hair!! Gah!!! I was swooning the entire time.

Sterling’s mama loves Valentine’s Day, so our theme and colors were in the honor of love. There is so much you can do with Valentine’s Day themed photo session. And for the sake of time, I had to ask mom to pick her favorites and we would work with them. So, what you see in these next few portraits are the props we used and almost all were homemade.


I have a love-hate relationship with photo props. In this industry I feel pressured to have quality props. And props are not cheap. Often the beds, bowls, buckets etc. can be found at antique stores and flea markets. While it is fun to browse and buy props, I must limit myself and not overdraw my budget no matter how tempting it is. I also must keep in mind, “Do I have enough space to store this prop?” What I really need to ask myself, “Will this prop make me a better photographer?” The answer is always “No.”


Creating my own props, saves a little money, allows me to get creative and learn new skills, but cost more in time. Since it is a learning experience it is a lot of trial and error. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to figure out and create props for sessions before that weren’t used or didn’t photograph well. After those sessions I have kicked myself and said never again!


But for Sterling’s session I had a bit of a breakthrough. Thank God! Mom had her inspiration boards on pintrest, and I started with “I want to knit a heart shaped pillow!” I was so excited about this. I bought the yarn and went back to the craft store for more yarn and finished knitting it after the session was over with. I still need to sew up the sides and fill it with stuffing. I quickly realized I could sew a heart shaped pillow in 5 minutes and made 2 large hearts and about 10 mini hearts. Then it became a challenge to see how many I could make in one sitting!


My dad was gracious enough to build the bed a while back and it is a favorite prop by anyone who comes into the studio. (Dads especially eyeball it, hoping I pull it off the shelf for their child!)   Well a bed needs to be covered so I went back to the sewing machine and put together a plan. Over Christmas, my daughters and I worked together to create two beautiful patchwork quilts for their grandmothers. Since my prop white birch bed is small, I figured it would take me no time at all to sew together some granny squares, line and batt a sweet “Valentine” quilt.



Another item on the list was Cupid’s arrows. These were a little tricky. It took a tries to make them look the way I had envisioned them and not like a flimsy arrow that would bend and break if it were shot at any target.


In the end of this CNY baby photography “Valentine Day” themed session I had a lot of cute, reusable props that I am kind of proud of!


Are you in need of a CNY Baby photography for your little one? Give me a call today (315) 297-1816. You can also check out more of my milestone babies here!

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