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December 24, 2018

We love to see their little faces light up Christmas morning as they wake up to the lights and presents under the tree. So much perfectness all wrapped up in bows and curly ribbons, positioned just right and in about five to 10 minutes will be undone and scattered like a bomb went off in your living room!  


So, where’s this “silent night” and “peace on earth” Christmas we are trying to achieve??? The preparation alone, makes us cranky and irritable. Shopping to the last minute, whether online or in stores trying to find the best deal or the perfect gift is beyond stressful. Then there’s tracking your tracking. I’m pretty sure the gift I ordered 3 weeks ago won’t be here by the end of today for my husband to open tomorrow. Oh well. And then there’s the kitchen side of Christmas! All the cookies, pies and cakes that must be made! And how about Christmas dinner?????? Are you traveling for Christmas or are you hosting the show?


I want you to STOP for five minutes! Just stop, breathe, and grab your camera or phone and capture the “peace” right now. We all see it on social media. Everyone’s house looks perfect. Their tree is straight and trimmed properly. All the lights are working in sync and the décor is proportioned on the tree.


I want to give you a couple of “photography tips” to achieving this simple, elegant and peaceful look that you will cherish. Ready? Here we go!


1.       Shut off all your extra lights, lamps, tv, computer screens and just leave on the Christmas lights. Their warm, incandescent glow will be enough.


2.       In manual mode on your phone or camera, set your “white balance” to daylight. Trust me here, I do this for all the birthday cake photos!


3.       If possible, open your aperture wide!! This will allow your lights to give off the beautiful bokeh look and blur any messes behind. Remember: the lower the number the wider the aperture!


4.       And lastly, underexpose your image just a half step or two. By doing so your lights will look a smidge brighter and your “Christmas” will be peaceful!


Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!





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