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July 3, 2018




We all love it! The sticky fingers digging into the frosting, destroying what was once a perfectly frosted cake. This cake was designed to match this memorable moment as the camera and lights flash away catching the big 1-year-old shoving


cake into his mouth.


Yes, cake smash sessions are fun. They are fun to photograph, fun to style and design and well, I try to keep clean up to a minimum to make it fun too.


Allow me to guide you on how I run my cake smash sessions.





I have done both on location and studio styled sessions. Both were memorable and turned out beautiful. I am partial to studio because it is a controlled environment. I can’t control the weather or the bugs outdoors and thankfully, in-studio I don’t have to worry about either of them.




Décor is limited with on location as well. I must bring my camera, so unless parents have décor and are willing to carry it on location and set it up, I will be limited on what else I can bring.





I have banners for both boys and girls. I have props. I love themes. However, I am learning that less is more. No, I don’t want a completely blank canvas with just your baby, but too many props and décor can be distracting and overwhelming to the baby. You want the main focus to be on the subject that is your child. A distracting setup will cause your eyes to wander away from the smiling face and focus on something else.

It also can overwhelm the baby. There may be too many props and cause his curiosity to venture forth. Or they may not be able to process the scene and get upset and crawl/walk out of the set-up.


A simple chair, stool or basket is a good way to keep baby in the setting. A banner and maybe some balloons help with an easy non-distracting set-up.




I encourage two outfits with my 1-year-old sessions. There are so many cute clothes that it is hard to pick just one, so bring two. Too many outfit changes could make a happy baby a cranky baby. The best types of outfits are vintage styled. Avoid lettering or words that are meant to be read. They may not be seen well and will only serve as a distraction on the finished portrait.










The Cake:

 Yes, we want cake! If you are a cake decorator then bring one in! If not, I recommend finding a bakery and being clear on design and colors to match the flow of your session. One thing I find with cake smash sessions is an overload of frosting can be frustration to a baby. Let’s be honest, we don’t allow our 1-year-olds to plow through their food at home. We keep our kids hands clean. So, when a baby starts to dip their hands into a cake they wonder about the stuff all over their hands and may want mom to clean it. Or if there is too much frosting, all that sugar may make the baby’s stomach ache before they even find the cake.  An excellent bakery located right above my studio is Chelle’s Bakeshop. You wouldn’t need to worry about it in the car, just getting it downstairs and in front of the birthday child.





Bubble baths:

This is my favorite part, and it come right after cake! It’s a great way to clean up and baby’s love water and they adore bubbles!  


To book your cake-smash session email me at


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