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April 23, 2018

I get asked this a lot, as a CNY Family Photographer, "What do we wear??"

With Mother's day and spring blossoms all happening at the SAME time in CNY I want you to look and feel your best as you update your family portrait.

Not knowing how to style your family can be a huge hindrance to accomplishing the task of family portraits! You want your family to look amazing and feel confident in their portraits.


Well, fear no more! Read on for my  Spring tips for beautiful CNY family portraits! (plus get my downloadable style guide for any season!)



1.      Mom goes first! Think about for a moment. Mom, without you this family that you love and care for wouldn’t be here. You revolve around your family 24/7. Now it’s your turn to be center of attention! So, when it comes to dressing your family for a photo session it makes sense to dress yourself first. Find an outfit you feel good in and the rest of your family will coordinate to you.



2.       Think Spring! What are springs colors and shades?? I know in Central NY, we are tired of the dreary gray clouds, mud and bare trees! We want color. If you are going to the orchard and want to compliment the blossoms come dressed in the pastel colors. Again, mom being the focus and the family complementing her.


3.       Spring is soft and delicate. This is where the fabric of your outfit comes in to play. You don’t want rough jeans or thick vest. Lace, tulle, cotton, and silk all flow beautifully in the spring. For men, light colored khakis or semi dress pants with a pastel shirt look amazing.


4.       Girls! Lace and curls that spin and twirl! That’s what I love to photograph! Doll your little ladies up and make them feel like a princess! Dresses that twirl are always a blast or if they are a little older, full length dresses look elegant.



5.       Boys! I love to dress the boys for family sessions. They can be so simple yet timeless. A collared button up shirt, slacks and a pair of overalls, topped with a classic cap. And yes, Dad can rock this look too!


6.       BONUS! Dressing your family with complementing colors adds to your final portrait. All too often, we see the common look where they are all wearing the same colors/clothes and everyone blends in. We are all individuals and we need our own look to stand out yet still fit into the family puzzle correctly!


DON"T FORGET!! Get your downloadable family guide  today and start planning your 2018 family portrait session!!



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