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January 17, 2018

Where do I start?? First of all, I am blessed! And I get so excited and thank God again and again for providing me with space of my own! Yes, I know, I am renting it and it was a lot of work to paint over the dark blue walls, but it is my own! I do a little victory/praise God dance each time I think about it!


I am thankful for my home church, the River of Life, UPC for allowing me to borrow office space and leave my setup there. But being a CNY newborn photographer, I needed space that I knew I can invade whenever and however and have sessions set up in advance without worrying about my lights getting bumped or my bean bag sat on! (sorry that front rigid wall from Newborn Cloud is only meant to hold babies!)


I was terrified, and I still am in renting my own brick and mortar studio. But I am excited for the location and all the great shops all around me! I am in the lower level of Canal Commons in downtown Oswego, NY. (Stay to the end to see the other great businesses near me!)


 Just one of the neat features in my studio is the masonry rock wall. You better

 believe I am going to utilize that as a backdrop for my newborn prop portraits! So cool!

I have hung my art work and now am ready to do business!! I can’t wait to invite my first newborn in for their first portrait session!


 Being CNY Newborn Photographer, I’d love for you to step into one of my sessions!! I provide a free pre-consultation for my newborn sessions. This helps me plan. For a successful newborn session, we need a plan. What are your colors for the nursery? Do you have a theme or career you’d like to incorporate? And most importantly, what type of heirloom art are you looking to adorn your home with?? What space do you want to hang your wall art at? Think about it, and I can make it happen for you!


That’s right! I am a CNY Full Service Photographer! No more forgetting where

 you laid that disc of photos and never getting prints. Gone are the days of struggling with the department store’s photo center because you weren’t given a print release or then getting your images and there are ink blots or printing lines through them! Yes GONE!


I am going to print your images from the best labs in the country. My beautiful canvasses are designed to last for generations and printed at top quality.  I adore the lay-flat artistic hardcover albums!!! They are so beautiful to just pull out and view your gallery of images of your baby! Please keep tissues nearby!! (They grow so fast!) And of course, there is the image box! Two amazing sizes to choose from, again the quality is over the top and will last a lifetime. And the best thing about it, you are hassle free. The hardest part for you is making the decision on which ones you want, or you can take them all! There are no limits! It is so rewarding to see parents' face while in the live viewing session and them seeing their sweet baby all over again posed up so cuddly, sleeping soundly.


Of course, I have started and jumped to the end of the session! Already?? In between those time periods, I will direct, and handle poses to get the best light and the most flattering pose! Mama you will look amazing! Trust me!  I always include, parents and siblings (if any) that want to participate, and I strive to provide the best experience I can give. And I am thrilled to be able to do it now in a place of my own!


Not sure about me???? Have I been trained to handle newborns?? Yes, yes I have! I’ve got some info on me here and here!


Check out my new neighbors in Canal Commons!!!!! (actually, I’m the new one!)

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